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Experience the Broughton Archipelago through the eyes of a primitive survivalist…

Meet our neighbour and dear friend Nikki van Schyndel, forest dweller and author of the best selling book, Becoming Wild. The book describes Nikki’s adventurous journey that brought her to the Broughton Archipelago where she lives off the land, in a log cabin that she built completely by herself. It’s a story of learning, laughter, adventure, and realizations – an entertaining and informative book that is well worth a read.

Nikki’s company, Echo Bay EcoVentures, offers incredible day tours where you’ll learn about local flora and fauna and enjoy a gourmet wild lunch cooked on an open fire, started without matches or lighters. Find out which plants offer medicinal qualities, which provide the most nutrition and good taste, and which ones to avoid.

Nikki will take you to rarely visited locations in the Broughton where you’ll see hidden waterfalls, pictographs, and little known historical sites. She’ll show you how to best observe wildlife and where best to spot it. And mostly, she’ll teach you an appreciation of this fabulous place we call the Broughton Archipelago.

So if you’re looking for an experience not found in most locales, let us get you in touch with Nikki so you can book an exciting adventure in the Broughtons.

Learn wilderness survival skills

Nikki van Schyndel

Exploring the Broughton with Echo Bay EcoVentures

Becoming Wild

A story of learning, laughter, adventure, and realizations.

Becoming Wild book cover

Available online and at the Echo Bay Store and Gift Shop.

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