Billy Proctor's Museum

“There’s no one in these parts that knows more about living in the Broughton Archipelago (or probably anywhere else) than Billy Proctor”

A trip to Echo Bay is not complete without a visit to Billy Proctor’s Museum. Billy has lived his entire life in the Broughton and has worked as a fisherman, a hand logger, and beachcomber. He currently operates his museum during the summer months and keeps busy doing chores the rest of the year.

During the summer he can usually be found at his museum that is a stones throw away from his house.

The museum contains relics and artifacts that Billy has found throughout the years on his travels throughout the Broughton Archipelago. There are old newspapers from the 1950’s, an impressive collection of bottles picked up on local beaches, Japanese glass fishing floats, several First Nations tools and ceramic beads and trinkets, a tidy collection of old cameras, lots of equipment and artifacts from the fishing and forestry industries, and a whole lot more. Once you start poking around the museum you’ll find tons of little gems in Billy’s collection.

Billy singlehandedly built a typical loggers shack from a long lost era of hard work and hard times. He built the small loggers shack from a single tree, splitting and milling each piece of lumber by hand.

Also at Billy’s is a gift shop that has works from local artists as well as several books about the West Coast and copies of Billy’s own books, Heart of the Raincoast: A Life Story which he co-authored with Alexandra Morton and Full Moon Flood Tide, that he wrote with local artist, Yvonne Maximchuk. Both are excellent books well worth reading.


Everything organized.

The collection of historical items is all categorized and neatly displayed.

First Nations artifacts.

A hand operated and powered drill press that Billy still uses today.

Billy’s Museum Hours:

If Billy is there, the museum is open.

If Billy’s not there, the museum is closed.

(Usually, the museum is open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM).


How to get to Billy’s Museum

Echo Bay Trail Map

The museum is located a short distance southwest of Echo Bay. There is a dock near the museum that small craft can access but the easiest way is to do the short hike (.7 km) on the well-marked trail from Pierre’s at Echo Bay. Select the map for more info.

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